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Edibles, Vapes and Topicals

High Grade Medical Cannabis Infused Products at the Best Prices in Denver & Aurora, CO

At Little Brown House, we carry a wide variety of cannabis infused products as an alternative to smoking. These products come in three different forms:  
  • Edibles - Products that are eaten and broken down in the digestive system. These products come in various strengths and are great for pain and relaxation. Edibles do take considerably longer for effects to start working. When figuring out the correct dose to take always remember start low and go slow.
  • Vape Cartridges and Oils  -  These products are a great option for discrete medication. They are consumed by inhaling the vapors from cannabis infused oils through a prepackaged cartridge that attaches to a battery.
  • Topicals - These products are absorbed through the skin and are non-psychoactive. Most patients have found that topicals are great for joint and muscle pain.

Visit our medical marijuana dispensary today to browse our selection of medical cannabis ! We are located in Denver, CO and serve the surrounding areas.
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