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The sativa cannabis strain has been known to help patients with conditions such as depression, fatigue, and mood disorders. Whatever your medical reasons for purchasing it, Little Brown House will have a flower to fit your needs. 

Included is a list of Sativa strains that we grow regularly. Selection varies from day to day, please call for our current strains
Angry Scout
Coming Soon
Tony Soprano
Coming Soon
Everything’s bigger in Texas, and if you talk to devotees of this Lone Star State strain, they’ll tell you that the marijuana is better, too. Shoreline is a strain of legend. Supposedly first appearing in the early 1980s, it is known as a true “old school skunk.” Fittingly, its name is rumored to come from the state’s Shoreline amphitheater after the strain made a successful debut there during a Grateful Dead concert. Its super strong skunky smell may border on unappetizing, but its large, hairy buds make up for it with equally potent effects. Sativa-dominant, this strain will free your mind and may verge into the psychedelic for some. A clone-only plant, true connoisseurs wonder if the original can still be found. In an effort to continue its lineage, Shoreline has been crossed with many other strains. If it’s found outside of its Texas homeland, a mix is probably what you’re getting.
Golden Goat
Coming Soon
Chem Dawg
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