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Shatter, Wax, and Budder

About B.H.O. (Butane Hash Oil)

BHO Butane Hash Oil, or BHO for short, is a type of concentrated cannabis that can be smoked, dabbed, vaped, or cooked into edibles. The process of making BHO involves using butane as a solvent to extract cannabinoids from buds and trimmings. The butane is then purged away with heat and pressure to create a highly concentrated and stronger medicine.

Shatter – A solid, semi-transparent form of BHO that behaves similar to hard candy or glass. When making shatter, extractors purge the butane at a lower temperature to ensure a hard, glassy consistency in the final product.

Budder – This process leaves the finished product in a peanut butter like consistency, which many patients find easier to work with over wax and shatter. Similar to Shatter, Budder is created using the same method except extractors apply more heat to the solution during the purging process. This helps to expose the terpenes, the molecules that allow for more flavor and smell.

Wax – This form of BHO looks like a crumbly wax and has a chalky texture to it. The process for making wax is very similar to making shatter. The main difference is that wax will be agitated during the purging process allowing for crystallization to occur. Wax is also purged at a higher temperature in an effort to expose terpenes and flavor
Strains of concentrate change daily and it is rare for us to see some strains of concentrate more than once. Please call us today for strain availability.


To learn more about shatter and to understand the uses of this powerful concentrate, please visit Little Brown House today. We use safe methods to create potent and high-quality medical grade shatter. 
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