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Cannabis edibles are food alternatives that are made with marijuana or marijuana oils. They are a great alternative if you don’t enjoy smoking or vaporizing. Our cannabis edibles are the finest recreational edibles in the Denver, CO and Aurora, CO areas. Cannabis edibles come in many different forms including candies, gummies, cookies, chocolates, suckers, and many more.























These tablets come in various strengths of THC and CBD..

Sleep tablets: These 300mg/ (30) 10mg tablets and 500mg/ (10) 50mg tablets are Indica based pills, Great for pain relief, Insomnia, and a calming body high.
Energy tablets: These 300mg/ (30) 10mg tablets and 500mg/ (10) 50mg tablets are Sativa based pills, Great for pain relief and a clear-headed, energetic mental high.
CBD 1:1: These tablets are 90mg/ (18) 5mg THC, 5mg CBD. 


EDIBLES– Products that are eaten and broken down in the digestive system. These products come in various strengths and are great for pain and relaxation. Edibles do take considerably longer for effects to start working. When figuring out the correct dose to take always remember start low and go slow.


























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